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What is iGallos?

We formed around a core belief that mental health and wellbeing challenges are a normal part of our modern lives, that we can manage them with awareness and the appropriate support and kindness. We can enact huge change if we can rework the systems which restrict, judge and penalise declines in mental health and mental ill health.


Through acceptance, openness, and workplace flexibility everyone can be healthy and continue to add huge value to their work endeavours.

We can provide mental health and wellbeing strategy from concept to delivery to after care support, specialist group support programmes, bespoke mental health awareness, and formal MHFA England accredited mental health first aid training, and SFA USI Suicide First Aid Understanding Suicide Intervention courses, as well as executive level coaching, team coaching, psychometrics, and for those that dare to be further challenged: complex problem solving through LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® tools and methodologies. 

We work globally across all regions of the world covering many different cultures and needs; across industries, business units and hierarchies within the workplace. The pandemic has made the world's peoples more aware of the impact of isolation, trauma, burnout, and mental health generally. Our work with global companies, bringing together employees from different countries and beliefs shows how important this is to all of us and how our shared experience transcends language and background.

We want to see:

  • Greater care for those experiencing mental ill health rather than the focus being on those who have come out the other side.


  • A focus on involving those who don't understand, who judge, and who step away, rather than just those who "get it". Voluntary attendance needs to be mandated.


  • The end to the blunt use of performance improvement plans, disciplinaries, and grievances in the workplace without proper due diligence, and due care and attention.

  • The end to the ever increasing money saving "tick-box" work in workplace mental health.

  • The end to the judgement, the us and them, and the 'we know best' attitude of specialists.

  • Greater self-awareness and self management programmes and ongoing support for those with and without histories of mental ill health.

  • Greater understanding and appreciation of the systemic and co-created nature of some mental ill health conditions.

  • Better use of financial resources directed to the acute and long term support of those in need.

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