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What is iGallos?


Please take a look around and enjoy a few moments out of your day to slow down and reconnect.

You're perhaps here because we've already worked together and you're curious to learn more? Or maybe you're here because you're interested in learning about how iGallos approaches the broad and contentious topic of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace?


More often than not we have conversations around how what you've tried isn't giving the results you need. Whether in the workplace that's:

  • getting a handle on levels of burnout, or

  • getting true value out of your mental health first aiders, or

  • supporting your special interest groups, or

  • wanting to educate your leaders, not simply in knowledge but also helping them to have more compassionate conversations (not "difficult" conversations as they're commonly referred to), or

  • wanting to work globally but current options limit you to country borders.


Maybe you need more support for your teams, line managers or HR (HR is often the function that people come to for help and sadly at the moment mental health is not part of standard professional HR training). Or maybe all the apps, websites and videos you've bought are sitting unused in the digital ether?


At a personal level you might have tried counselling or therapy, or seen your doctor, and nothing seems to have helped, or you don't understand what you've been told. Maybe you feel judged, maybe you sense you're right and they're wrong but don't know how you know this? Looking for answers that the best selling books aren't giving?

The workplace mental health consultancy arena is still growing, but the majority of this is still based around offering "life hacks" to employees, or continuing to proffer the ongoing (and often inaccurate) narrative around mental illness as a disease that can be cured quickly in order to return someone productively to the workplace. It is rare to see this work being done at the systemic level where context, systems, culture, and social judgement are exposed as key contributing factors in distress. "What happened?" should be asked far more than "what's wrong with you?". This is where iGallos sits.


iGallos doesn't sell metaphorical plasters (employee "life hacks"), it doesn't re-sell the same story (the bio-medical narrative of mental illness as the sole factor), and it doesn't tell you you're right or wrong.


We are insatiably curious and share stories of history, of anthropology, of psychology, of physiology, of philosophy and economics, of both science and spirit, and expose you to a deeper understanding of where this all came from, and then encourages you to debate, challenge and see all this from your own frame of reference. We really learn and change when what we believe to be true is disturbed through new experiences.

Read on at The Work, and the Global work we do and perhaps consider Signing up to receive access to the Resources page where there are numerous worksheets and "factsheets".

Thank you for visiting, hope to see you soon.

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