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Psychometric tests are widespread and available to many working in the corporate world. Most people will have had the opportunity to explore their personality traits through the Myers Briggs assessment, their team preferences through the work of Meredith Belbin, or know what colours they are at work or at home through Insights

At the top executive level in many industries including Technology, Banking, and Pharmaceutical, C-Suite execs are now regularly measured by the suite of Hogan tools to understand the reputation they have amongst their colleagues, their derailers in times of pressure, and their underlying values that drive their decision making and choices. These tools are also widely used by executive search and selection teams headhunting top level roles and therefore it is worthwhile understanding these if you are looking to progress your career in an upward direction

We can use these Hogan tools to consider potential, leadership and talent development, selection and career preferences, as well as team characteristics and potential challenges. 

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