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As a Group there is a strong focus in working with those with lived experience of depression, anxiety, trauma and severe stress reactions, who have continued to be successful and learnt to live and cope with these. We also work with those who have direct experience of this either through friendships, family relationships or working with colleagues who have these experiences and want to understand themselves more in these relationships.


We work with leaders, executives, managers, teams, groups, who have either personal or direct experience of these mental health challenges. It’s not therapy (that may already be or have been part of your journey), although taking a therapeutic coaching approach under a transactional analysis framework can be used to great success. Our experience forms a shared foundation, direction and increased awareness necessary for a trusted and effective coaching relationship.

It is also working with companies to understand how wellbeing, mental health, policies, working practices, and flexibility all come together to help all employees regardless of there situation to work at their best for you. Looking at strategy, ROI, development, speaking and events.


It is about a developing a trusted safe and professional relationship working with you to continue to grow in your success and use your experiences and skills to your advantage.

Mental Health & Suicide First Aid training

Training in the MHFA England mental health first aid courses and SFA Suicide First Aid course to become an accredited mental health first aider or qualified Suicide First Aider.

Giving senior leaders space, time, challenge, and opportunity for awareness.


Our brains work in 3D and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® offers a solution to solving complex personal, organisational and team challenges.

Industry leading executive, team and high potential assessments through Hogan and TC360.

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